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the professional


The Ohio State University
Bachelor of Science in Architecture
summa cum laude

Architectural Association, London, England



DAREDEVIL                                                                        20th Century Fox                                                         Model Builder — Dir: Mark Johnson, Production Designer: Barry Chusid

HULK                                                                                     Universal Pictures                                                       Model Builder (local #847) — Dir: Ang Lee, Production Designer: Rick Heinrichs

PEARL HARBOR                                                              Buena Vista Pictures                                                  Presentation Model for Hawaii Premiere

PLANET OF THE APES                                                 20th Century Fox                                                       Model Builder (local #847) — Dir: Tim Burton, Production Designer: Rick Heinrichs

A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE                              Warner Bros.                                                                   Assistant Model Builder — Dir: Steven Spielberg , Production Designer: Rick Carter,    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Model Builder: Greg Aronowitz

MONKEYBONE                                                                  20th Century Fox                                                            Model Builder (local #847) — Dir: Henry Selick, Production Designer: Bill Boes

SLEEPY HOLLOW                                                           Paramount Studios                                                       Model Builder (local #847) — Academy Award for Best Art Direction -- Dir: Tim Burton, 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Production Designer: Rick Heinrichs

WILD WILD WEST                                                           Warner Bros.                                                                     Model Builder (local #847) — Dir: Barry Sonnenfeld, Production Designer: Bo Welch

ATLANTIS                                                                           Disney Animated Feature                                       Model Builder — with Model Builder: Greg Aronowitz

HULK                                                                                     Universal Pictures                                                       Model Builder (local #847) — Dir: Jonathan Hensley, Production Designer: Jim Bissell

FAME L.A.                                                                           Sony Studios                                                                      Model Builder (local #847) — Dir: Kenny Ortega, Production Designer: Craig Sterns

FACE/OFF                                                                           Paramount Studios                                                        Model Builder (local #847) — Dir: John Woo, Production Designer: Neil Spisak  

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Assistant Prop Builder         -- Prop Builder: Rick Gamez Custom Props  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I worked as a model builder in the Art Department and when we wrapped

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I assisted Rick in the prop shop building the props for the film.

MEN IN BLACK                                                                 Sony Studios                                                                  Assistant Prop Builder — Dir: Barry Sonnenfeld, Production Designer: Bo Welch    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Prop Builder: Rick Gamez Custom Props

JOHN SHAFFNER / JOE STEWART                       Production Design, L.A.                                             Design Assistant

ISUZU COMMERCIAL                                                     Tribal Scenery                                                                Miniatures — Art Director: Benedict Schillemans, Lead Models: Dragon Dronet

TOSHIBA COPIERS                                                         James Carson Studio                                                 Miniatures

FLIX FX                                                                                Practical VFX, L.A.                                                     Welder, Fabricator

DELPHI STUDIOS                                                            Set Design & Construction, Brooklyn, NY        Design, Welding, Carpentry, and Fabrication for Production

HOUSE OF BUGGIN                                                         FOX Television, New York, NY                                Set Dresser

LITTLE BIG ROOM                                                           Nickelodeon, New York, NY                                      Set Construction

THE PETRIFIED PRINCE                                             Public Theater, New York, NY                                 Prop Wheelchair — Dir: Harold Prince, Scenic Designer: James Youmans






RALPH APPLEBAUM ASSOCIATES, INC.             New York, NY                                                                Architectural Models

    I.M. PEI ARCHITECTS                                               
New York, NY                                                                  Architectural Models / Laser Cutting

    KRZYSZTOF WODICZKO                                          
New York, NY                                                                 Architects of Display, (Flash Art, Dec. 1995)


LIGHT PROJECTS, LENI SCHWENDINGER        New York, NY                                                                  Lighting Design and Sculpture Design Assistant


DEMOGOD, INC.                                                               New York, NY                                                                  High End Metal Design and Fabrication


UNEXPURGATED                                                            New York, NY                                                                  Swish Skate Shop, Fat Beats Records, On Point Streetwear retail space,

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Kulee Klothing Trade Show Booth

MARK ROBBINS, ARCHITECT / ARTIST               Columbus, Ohio                                                              Assistant — Framing American Cities (Angles of Incidence, Princeton Arch. Press)


FRANK FANTAUZZI, ARCHITECT                            Columbus, Ohio                                                             Design / Build — Innovative Renovation of 18th Century Home


WOMB CHAIR / STEEL BUTTERFLY                      Columbus, Ohio                                                             Engineered Sculpture with Jefferson Ellinger — Published in Site Architecture, 1994

ICEBERG PROJECT                                                       Detroit, Michigan                                                          Excavation, Compass : site specific installations


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