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fac·to·ry 25

i'm obsessed with Factory 25.

Factory 25 is a home for conceptually provocative narratives and documentaries. F25's mission is to deliver specialized film and music titles in an aesthetically captivating way while exposing the indie world to under-the-radar films, music, and other curiosities theatrically, digitally, on TV, VOD, via subscription, limited edition DVDs with vinyl LPs and books. Factory 25 headquarters are in Brooklyn, New York.

"Taking inspiration from the great punk and post-punk record labels of the 1970s and 80s, over the last decade Matt Grady’s Factory 25 has distinguished itself as one of America’s most adventurous film distributors." ~ A Factory 25 Retrospective

factorytwentyfive.com 274 Willoughby Ave, #4r Brooklyn, NY 11205

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