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  • billytombs

rose·mar·y am·e·thyst

this is from a work titled the rosemary amethyst (2010)

my bed - my self - wrapped in sparkling sheets - crisp-ness

- clean-ness

- white-ness

- the scent of sun

- curtains billow

- and glow an unmistakable light - holding me from all sides

- outside in

i hesitate to talk of heavens

while the symphony plays on

- breath has turned to god – at:men to at:man - the dispeller of darkness stands before me we are

- in synchrony - in silence

i have the habit

to present Him with the tiniest of flowers

- oxalis stricta

- the common yellow woodsorrel

which I find poking out from the weeds

He exchanges me the gentle voice the one searched out

(and subtly mixed with not so subtle ferocity)

it arrives in the shape of the world book atlas - with the inside hollowed out

- making it more of a box than a book or a voice

within it i find a note which reads :


Truth is Love

Love is Truth

search out that which lies behind the uvula

the modern mona lisa can be found

in your 5 sets of 12


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