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scor·se·se ed·it

"Creating the impression of continuous action is how we tell stories in time. But there is something else for me.

It's what I think of as the heart of cinema because every time I get into the editing room I’m struck by it all over again... You take one image and you put it together with another image and there’s a third phantom event that happens in the mind's eye.You can call it an image or maybe a thought or a sensation. Something happens that is absolutely unique to this particular combination or collision of moving images and if you take a frame away from one shot or you add a couple of frames to the other shot the image in the mind’s eye changes. This will always be a wonder to me."

~ Martin Scorsese

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the path that suits us often finds us. ~ rick rubin


To me, the great hope is now that these little 8mm video recorders have come out, people who normally wouldn't make movies are going to be making them. And this whole 'professionalism' about movies wi