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the continuing saga of sherman maxwell

from sherman via text :

Hey kiddo. I was in a car accident yesterday. It was pretty bad. All things considered I was quite lucky considering the severity of the crash. I personally walked away with merely a concussion, a bit o'whiplash and some bruises. Thankfully I didn't kill anyone or myself - in fact, it was just me and the guardrail - which I kept going back to after every rotation - no idea how many times I spun around. My car sustained a lot of damage - it looks like an accordion. My trunk broke open, the contents of which was thrown from the vehicle. Almost all of my possessions were in my car - so most of what i own was strewn about the freeway in a downpour. I’m still discovering the extent of what’s missing but at the very least I lost my guitar, keyboard and hard drives. It also looks like I’ve lost all of my recording equipment except my computer which thankfully I decided to pull out of the trunk before I got in the car. Also gone is the black suit we got for our project. I don’t yet know if all the music I was doing for kid is gone or if I have backups that weren’t in the car. Re-recording my move won’t be a big deal in and of itself but as things stand I have no way to record. I’m not really thinking straight at the moment but hopefully in a few days I'll have more things sorted out. Just wanted you to know what’s going on and that my physical person hasn’t suffered any lasting damage.

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