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sis·ter kayne

in 2013 i read a W magazine article about the three daughters of the wealthy beverly hills financier, richard kayne:  jenni, maggie, and saree.

W described maggie, the middle daughter, this way:

"Maggie—who is taller than Jenni and scrunches her shoulders anxiously beneath a cropped Proenza Schouler motorcycle jacket—is the rebel in the family. She dropped in and out of multiple colleges and horrified Jenni when she bought a Ducati Monster motorcycle; a glance at Maggie’s ashtray in her home speaks to the range of medical prescriptions now available in California. Over the past few years, she has emerged as a fixture on the local art scene. She began collecting on a small scale and persuaded her more conventional parents to commission a James Turrell Skyspace for their Santa Monica estate. Soon she was working with Bill Griffin, who has collaborated with Turrell on a number of projects, and befriending the reclusive dealer James Corcoran, a source for secondary-market masterpieces. In a deft move few foresaw, she then brokered the art partnership Kayne Griffin Corcoran, which in May opened a spectacular gallery on South La Brea Avenue, with a conference room and other architectural elements designed by Turrell. At 28, with little experience and no college degree, Maggie has become, presto chango, an art dealer."

my mad genius of a brain put two and two together: i had obviously found my muse/collaborator. i immediately recognized maggie kayne as destined to become the medici to my renaissance. i set to work immediately. i wanted to introduce myself & my work to ms. maggie kayne as soon as possible. i would do this through a series of parcels sent directly to her gallery via the u.s. postal service. she would obviously recognize in me a kindred spirit, find the work rebellious and beautiful & we would form a lifelong liaison making waves in and outside the art-world with our daring and spectacle!

it was all right there in the article. i could see it... as clear as day.

this is project number one of parcel number one:

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